News From Fashion Week

My wife, my mother and the vast majority of the women on the LaFrance Cleaners team are all thrilled at the news from NY’s Fashion Week with regard to spring trends. Apparently this season the designers showed fashions that will prove flattering and practical to most women…. among other things the micro- minis have lost their premiere fashion place.

I’m not sure yet how I feel about the demise of the micro- mini. Since I don’t have to wear it, bend over in it, reach for the top shelf in the closet in it or go up a flight of stairs in it, I have a slightly different view of things. I haven’t quite made up my mind on this just yet… I’m still thinking about it.

I hope, as winter approaches, you will enjoy reading about the spring trends from this year’s Fashion Week.

               5 Trends To Watch For Spring 2013

1.   Lady like skirts – there seemed to be a trend among designers to feature skirts that weren’t pencil then or billowing clouds, but instead offered a fullness that allows wearers to walk with something other than mincing steps and be shaped like something other than, well a pencil! The length is a flattering- falling somewhere just at, above or below the knee. And it is roundly suggested by fashionistas that these skirts be worn with high heels.

2.  Leather – black leather pants are apparently a must for spring, but so are leather blouses, dresses and skirts. This spring leather is not just for bikers. With this in mind, look for a future article on things to consider when buying and wearing leather.

3.  White blouses with the top button kept buttoned – it’s a look. So when you go shopping for your little white blouse, be sure you are happy with the way it looks and fits when buttoned to the top.

4.  Two piece suits – Apparently the fashion twist is that many designers showed them in print fabrics.

5.  Color – black and white reigned, but when color was called for it was heathery pastels (seafoam blue being very popular) – in soft plaids, solids and other prints.