Customer Loving Dry Cleaner Seeks Smart, Friendly, Kind and Helpful Person With A Great Smile!

My name is Stephen Weiss and I am the owner of LaFrance Cleaners and I am looking for someone special.  No, not for me since I have been happily married for over 20 years (sorry ladies).  However, I am looking for someone to help serveyou, the best customers in the world.  You see, it’s not easy finding great people who are naturally friendly, helpful and whose winningattitude makes coming to work a pleasure.  I thought maybe you just might know someone who fits this description.  If you’re curious about what we are look
ing for read on. I even have an “ethical bribe” for anyone who helps me find the perfect match.  

Why am I doing this?

You’re probably wondering why I would appeal to you using this rather long letter instead of running an ad or posting a job on the net.  The truth is, I am tired of wading through a sea of applications from people who don’t get it, don’t care and frankly are just coming by to prove that they are “looking” for work so that they can keep collecting unemployment.  I thought that if I told you exactly what I am looking for and what I am looking to avoid, you might just know such a person; a friend, relative or even yourself might be a perfect fit for our position as a customer service superstar.

Now I don’t want you to get the idea that it’s all fun and games around here.  It takes effort and dedication to make sure that our customers have a great experience when they visit LaFrance.  Like any job, work can be a grind sometimes.  We have high expectations and we are not in the highest paying industry…though we always try to be competitive.  What we do have is nice people and a team that is dedicated to constant improvement.  We are always working to get better and find new ways to deliver “Make You Happy” service.

Everyone at LaFrance is expected to do their part and work together to get our work done effectively and accurately.  But, what’s even more important to me are the “special” skills necessary to deliver a great customer experience.  There is nothing more important to the success of our business than the happiness of our customers.

Here are 7 things Stephen is looking for in a Customer Service Representative

  1. A nice smile and a pleasing personality
  2. Be a good person.
  3. Like yourself and be generally happy every day.
  4. A self-starter who can work effectively with others as part of a team.
  5. Ability to speak well and listen better
  6. Enjoys meeting new people and building strong personal relationships.
  7. Take GREAT care of our customers.

Now that you know what I am looking for in a Customer Service Represenative, here are a few things that I do NOT want:

  • People who are unreliable or have a hard time showing up for work.
  • Pessimistic, negative people who always look for problems instead of solutions.
  • An unwillingness to go “above and beyond” to help our customers.
  • Lazy, disorganized or just plain apathetic people.

Well, that about sums it up.  Now, if you know someone who is a winner and who might be a good fit for LaFrance, here is what to do now:

  • Please e-mail their name and contact information (e-mail and phone) to along with a brief description of your relationship with this person.  Or,
  • Share this latter with them and have them send their own contact information along with your name as a referral.
  • From that point each referral will be contacted and we will ask them to participate in our evaluation and selection process.

Now about that “ethical bribe”

If we hire a candidate that you referred to us I will give you your choice of $100 in FREE services from LaFrance Cleaners or a donation of $100 to your favorite charity…your choice.

I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to read this letter and for your help in finding the next Customer Service Superstar at LaFrance.  Because we want this process to start asap I am asking that you submit your candidates before Monday, January 16, 2017.

Best always,

Stephen Weiss

Owner, LaFrance Cleaners

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