LaFrance is Your Certified Professional Drycleaner


You may not realize it but there is no required accreditation to be in the dry cleaning business.  All that’s needed is to rent a space, buy some equipment and just like that you’re in business.

The truth is, being a “professional” drycleaner takes an incredible amount of knowledge, skill and experience.  Unfortunately, unlike doctors, lawyers and accountants who must earn professional credentials and maintain them with continuing education, the dry cleaning industry has no mandatory certification process.  Becoming a Certified Professional Drycleaner is a voluntary process and most dry cleaners elect not to invest the time, money and effort required to become certified and to educate themselves on the newest and best practices in the industry.

At LaFrance Cleaners we are a Certified Professional Drycleaner.  We continually educate ourselves and train our staff to make sure we maintain the highest standards when it comes to taking care of your finest.