Clean Rewards Logo

We think you should be rewarded.

Did you know if you’re a LaFrance customer you’re automatically enrolled in our ‘Clean Rewards’ program?
Did you know every purchase earns you ‘Clean Rewards’ points?
Did you know 150 ‘Clean Rewards’ points get you FREE dry cleaning?

Clean Rewards is our way of saying thank you. This loyalty program allows you to earn points toward free service with every purchase you make at LaFrance. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to participate; there is no sign up and no loyalty cards to carry.

How to Earn Points

You earn points with every purchase you make and your points are automatically tracked in our system. Your current balance will be printed on every invoice.

$ in Service

Reward Points

$1 Dry Cleaning 1 Point
$2 Laundered Shirts 1 Point
$1 Household 1 Point
$1 Alterations 1 Point
$2 Leather & Fur 1 Point

How to Redeem Rewards

For every 150 points you earn, you receive an $8.00 reward that is good towards future LaFrance services. Rewards will automatically be issued to you in the store upon accumulating 150 points. For route customers, rewards will be attached to the next order delivered. After an $8.00 reward is issued to you, reward points start all over.

*Rewards are not transferable and may only be redeemed by the account to which they are issued. Rewards must be  presented at the time of drop off with a minimum of $8.00 and may not be combined with any other discount. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen rewards and will not reissue them. Points and rewards have no cash value and may be used only once.