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Complete the online form below and one of our route representatives will contact you to schedule your first pick-up.  We have also included a pdf application form for your convenience.  Just complete it and include it with your first order.  If you would prefer, you can fax it to our office.  If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at (330) 782-1400 ext. 100.

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“We are very pleased with LaFrance dry cleaning.  They not only take and drop off our dry cleaning; they do it with a smile on their face.  LaFrance is very organized, clean and neat with the way they go about making sure our clothes are properly cleaned.  They are truly a very wonderful service and we are so thankful to have found them.”

The Evan Family

“Our family has used many dry cleaning services over the past years and we have been happiest with LaFrance’s services.  Not only is your pick-up and drop off service extremely predictable, but your drivers have always been friendly and professional.  Your standard services exceed our expectations for quality and special services like button fixing and mending are perfectly performed and so easy.  With so many items on our “to do” list it is a relief to know that our dry cleaning is taken care of.  With the automatic billing your service is essentially full service.  Thank you very much.”

Kristen Rock

“LaFrance is literally the ‘BEST’ Shirt Laundry in the area!!  Perfect attention and extreme service.  Your dry cleaning is also high quality!  I have tried others, and none compare!”

Pat Morrow

“I have been a LaFrance customer since 2008.  With our busy lifestyle, I appreciate the free pick-up and delivery service LaFrance offers.”

Diane Varacalli